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Naked And Afraid

FOFOP Episode #52

Wil is joined by "Guest Charlie Number One" Dave Anthony and returning GC Ian Bagg to talk mysterious meetings in West Hollywood hotels, postcard pricing plans, half-pilots and how being bad at your job can save your life... with special guest-star Ash Williams revealing the secrets of nipple-sucks, French accents and "bringing out something a bit more whacked".

FOFOP, Episode #52 - Naked And Afraid

Listen Naked And Afraid

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Everyone Does It

FOFOP Episode #53

Wil is joined by "Guest Charlie" Scott Dooley to talk about Bob Hawke buying a Lotto ticket, the mystery of what Austen Tayshus was doing near the Moore Park Supa Centre, the scenes cut out of Michael Bay movies and ask just how long people would watch Wil dance.