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Episode #319

Anonymous Anonymous

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Episode #318

Badass Bungee Jumping Accident

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Episode #317

A Little Rock In My Shoe

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Episode #316

The Goldfish

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Episode #315


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Episode #314

In the Air Tonight 2

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Episode #313

Citation Not Needed

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Episode #312

Tubular Balls

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Episode #311

Look What You Made Me Do

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Episode #310

Magnets – How do they work?

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Episode #309

Con Spiracy

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Episode #308

All Drugs Are Legal

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Dirty Puppet Fucker


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Sami Shah

Wilosophy #67

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Tim Minchin (Part 2)

Wilosophy #165

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Simon Palomares

Wilosophy #124

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Geraldine Hickey

Wilosophy #128

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Advance Aussie Fair


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Julia Gillard

Wilosophy #172

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Shark Repuncher

TOFOP #292

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Charlie Pickering (Part 2)

Wilosophy #188

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This One’s On You

TOFOP #150

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10 Year Anniversary Special

TOFOP Episode #Special

TOFOP is 10 YEARS OLD! Here's a special anniversary episode from Wil & Charlie to say thank you to all of the amazing listeners who have been a part of the last decade of the show. The boys chat about the TOFOP journey and reminisce about Episode 1 of the show all those years ago.


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TOFOP Episode #270

Wil and Charlie sing the theme for "Home and Away" before starting a discussion about the loss of a very good boy. After a break and a word from MVMT, the boys actually remember to follow up on the tease with a comprehensive review of "Rhythm & Flow". Vale Junior.


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  Featured Episode

Fish Man Baby

TOFOP Episode #204

Wil and Charlie discuss the origin of the species in a way that only TOFOP can. Then, "TOFOP Telegrams"! If you have a better name for this segment in the show, please share it with us... please?