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FOFOP Episode #81

Wil is joined by Matt Kirshen to discuss taking medical advice from Dr Deuce, gigs with snow complications, all-age shows, spending Christmas day alone, the downside of dressing as Doctor Who, being on the wrong side of history, and Wil's stalking of Karen Gillan continues.

FOFOP, Episode #81 - Sausages

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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Comedy Nightmares

FOFOP Episode #82

Wil is joined by Jim Short to discuss what it's like for a boy from Brisvegas growing up in Texas, why all travel shows should rhyme, long for the good old days of "Classic" Coke, explain why there should be a comedy club at the airport, why Mumford and Sons should have done the soundtrack for Highlander, and launch Jim's new reality show Comedy Nightmares.