Listen Dude, Where’s My Gondola?

Dude, Where’s My Gondola?


In what was originally meant to be the second episode of FOFOP, Wil is joined by Dave Anthony to dicuss Wil's favourite old person, stolen cars, changing careers, pulling a geographic, comedy and drugs. Wil also explains what FOFOP stands for, and uses the word "literally" way too much.

FOFOP, Episode #FONUS - Dude, Where’s My Gondola?

Listen Dude, Where’s My Gondola?

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FOFOP Episode #81

Wil is joined by Matt Kirshen to discuss taking medical advice from Dr Deuce, gigs with snow complications, all-age shows, spending Christmas day alone, the downside of dressing as Doctor Who, being on the wrong side of history, and Wil's stalking of Karen Gillan continues.