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A Show About Gloves

FOFOP Episode #107

Wil is joined by Guest Charlie Greg Behrendt to discuss how the way to a girl's heart is through your toilet, the illuminati dream team, Australian bands of the 80s, ghostbusters on mushrooms, oprah life classes, the downside to being invisible and get some comedy advice from Bill Burr.

FOFOP, Episode #107 - A Show About Gloves

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ITWTATB 6: Jason Lives/Freddy’s Dead


T-Bagger Justin Hobson continues his gritty reboot of the TOFOP back catalogue. This is the "best of" episodes 51-60. It may contain the sound of men kissing, TOFOP facts, clapping, John Deeks, Back To The Future, origin stories, Hitler and time-travel, Batman and the batmobile, gay clubs in Darwin, vomiting with Prime Ministers, drinking people's drinks and bad rhymes. It's Aweson.